Europe Business Summit 2023

Europe Business Summit 2023

Auckland, Wednesday 26th July 2023

Polanz was very happy to participate in the Europe Business Summit 2023. You could meet us there: the Polanz president Piotr Bieganski, NZEBC vice-president and Polanz committee member Robert Holubicki, as well as our members and friends: Mike Greulich and Stanislava Greulich (Izodom), Karol Abrasowicz-Madej (Accenture NZ) and Gregor Jamieson (FutureLab).

Taking place during the finalization stage of FTA between EU and NZ, the summit’s key messages and discussions were certainly concentrated on opportunities, challenges and actual successful examples. Very positive message in the year of global economic downturn is that still noteworthy features in demand are distinctive quality, ecological footprint and innovation. Both regions have their essential experiences to share in critical areas, like green energy in Europe, infrastructural development in Aotearoa, sustainability or rationalization of overseas transport.

While the timing compels governments to respond to global risks, the physical distance between continents is mitigated by shared common values and traditions of mutual assistance. Increasing support, interest and presence of NZ quality products in Europe as well as the EU in the Pacific region is both recognized and welcomed. Now new regulations will elevate it by simplifying communication, compliance and digitalization, investment allowance, labor exchange, improving standards and trademarks protection. Polanz is among organizations helping businesses to find trusted partners, surface and grow in the New Zealand market.